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Monday, July 21, 2008

Great deals on grandbaby stuff!

I got the chance to go out for a couple of hours before we went to my cousin's engagement party. Lots of local sales this last weekend. Quite a few on Sunday also. Don't know if that is an economic indicator or not, but I don't remember seeing very many people out on Sundays before.
The really hot, moving sales were the ones that lowered the prices and just wanted to get it over with. I started my rounds after 11am, and found that folks either had very little left, or had lots that were pre-priced and kind of high.
My son and daughter-in-law are pretty sure on the sex of their first child. She works in an Ob-Gyn clinic, which has benefits of tests asap. Looks like Andrew will have a son to work on his layout with him (one whole room of their house holds his tables and rolling stock.)
This little plate seemed perfect to give to them. I checked the price for the plate on e-bay, and I was right on the button paying $5.00. And I saved on postage!
Ended up at the house of one of my teen volunteers at the library, and bought two little overals with snaps across the legs for $1 a piece. If you have ever bought baby clothes, you can appreciate the great find. The striped pair have never been worn, and still has the price tags attached. I have to control myself though, I have gotten them 3 pairs of denim overalls so far, but they all are different sizes at least. The little item in the corner is a Harley-Davidson onezie that was really cute. I don't know if Harley stuff is really Southern or not, but you never can have enough of these little suits!
Two more fast treasures: a quaker lace tablecloth that will give me a chance to try Queenie's stain removal recipe , and a large heavy off white woven bed cover that we will use to protect the couch during the hot dog days of summer.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Gift from somewhere, someone, somehow...

I don't remember planting hollyhocks, or ever being able to grow them before this year.
When I saw the large leaves coming up in my flowerbed, I almost pulled them out, just another darned pumpkin.
But I hate to pull out any survivors or opportunists that show up in my garden unless I know for certain that they are nasty weeds.
So I let it go a bit longer. It confused me because it grew upright, instead of spreading out and smothering the rest of my plants in the bed.
It took about two months, but I finally looked at the plant,and asked, Hollyhock??
Son of a Gun....
Then I had to wait for another two weeks for the tight buds to finally begin to open. I was sure that they were going to be white because there was not a bit of color other than green around the edges of the bud.
Finally last Friday, I looked out my kitchen window, and saw these crimson beauties swaying in the wind. Serendipity?? Bird poop flowers? A gift from Above?? Don't know, but they sure are pretty, aren't they?

Friday, July 11, 2008

You can build anything with Legos!

I started at A Mask a Day, traveled to 365 Skulls, and then found this photo on a site linked to skulls...somehow I think that they are cheating somehow. I have been watching kids construct Legos for over 20 years, and you just cannot get that dome-effect without glue.
That looks like a little door from a castle stuck in the nose socket.

The site is

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mapquest is a thrifty shopper's friend!

This was the first weekend I had had the chance in over a month to get out and see what treasures lay out there.
Armed with both the Pennysaver, and the Register's classified, I highlighted the most interesting sales in a 10 mile radius.
Just north of the train tracks in Fullerton, I visited a sort of flea market disguised in the paper as a yard sale. There was one very interesting little shop next to the parking lot filled with overpriced retail vendors. It was a combination boutique/sewing classroom where you can sign up for lessons with your friends. An interesting concept, but I don't know if she can get enough business to keep it going.

There were two great ones within a few blocks of each other.I am going to be a grandmother by the end of the year, God willing, so I have been tempted to pick up some cute clothes. This first house had a table filled with baby clothes that were but a quarter a piece. Of course I don't know the gender of the baby yet, but I just couldn't resist. The print dresses were brand new and never worn; the denim jumper looked well washed and comfortable.

A few blocks away, there was a family who had a table of their aunt's rubber stamps for sale. She had been a professional crafter, and had been published in some craft magazines, her young nephew told me. There must have been over 300 stamps of all sizes and styles for sale at a dollar a piece. Spurred to boldness by the Queen of Fifty Cents' wheeling and dealing, I offered 5 dollars for six stamps. Sure, and pick out another one if you want! I know some of these are very expensive, having seen them in shops over the years. I will have to figure out what to do with them, but I picked out all ones that I really liked, so it was ok to buy them. I suggested that they could donate the leftover stamps to the library for a tax deduction, gave her my business card, and wished them good day.

One house was clearing out the treasures of a lifetime. I always feel a bit guilty going to estate sales, but this time the mom was still alive, just moving into an extended care home. I got a beautiful Aynsley bone china cup and saucer in perfect condition to send to my new daughter-in-law back in South Carolina. She had never been to a tea shop or "done tea" before we stopped at a little shop in Fullerton while shopping and getting to know each other. Marie was charmed by the scones, hot tea, and the civilized chance to sit and talk. I thought this cup would be perfect for her,

Lastly, I found these two framed mottos at the bottom of a box of odd stuff that had to have been sealed and stored for 80 years. the frames were coming apart, and one of the pictures had been torn in two, but I thought it was worth the try to take them home and mend. They look like they are easily from the 20's or 30's, and are hand painted. I am debating if I should repaint the gold frames in an antique gold or just leave as is.

A fun day!