Penelope Basset

Saturday, February 14, 2009

New year, new grandson, new quilt!

Just got back from South Carolina to visit new grandson, John Curtis. His dad is my son who is fascinated by trains, so of course I had to make a train quilt for the baby. Daddy Andrew was jealous of the great train fabric and wanted to know how come I never made a quilt like that for him.....well, 25 years ago they didn't have that fabric out?
The pattern is my own. I knew I wanted to use the fabric, but had to figure out how to use it without looking too insane. There was another row of trains in the fabric that I didn't use if I was going to make the train intact, so perhaps I will use those scraps to make bibs.
Anyway, Baby JC seems to like it regardless of the expression on his face. I embroidered a label on the back of the quilt in yellow thread that was inconspicuous, but then decided to brand it big and bold in case any other kids decided to abscond with it. I used my 1960's font I made up while in elementary school, and it stands out pretty well.