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Friday, August 15, 2008

We went to Disneyland!

We are very fortunate that we can visit a world class resort/entertainment location like Disneyland frequently, and can enjoy the more subtle pleasures that are lost as you have x number of hours to get your money's worth.
I got to go with my husband, and with a friend that I work with. We had a hoot just taking our time at the Aladdin theater show, leisurely lunch at the Plaza Inn, no lines at Pirates and Haunted House, and wandering around in the Pirates' Lair on Tom Sawyer Island (kind of reminds me of the "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim"!)

Guess who I met there? Why, it was Captain Jack Sparrow, and I got to ask him if he signed up for Summer Reading this year. He promised to do it next year, cross his heart, his honor as a pirate.

I finished my niece's quilt for her Bat Mitzvah last October. So I take a bit longer, but I do good stuff. I had another quilt top almost finished for her before the ceremony, but after seeing the party decorations, and her choice of colors, I needed to take it apart and find the right fabric. I had done the embroidered stars, but had them set with a pretty blue on white filigree print. Not My Niece. Her reception was all psychedelic colors, neon lights, lava lamps and peace symbols. Green is her favorite color, I am late to finding out. Amazing bit of serendipity, I had bought this really wild tie-dyed fabric about ten years ago, loving the colors but not knowing what I would do with it. It was perfect.
So here it is; it wasn't the original design, but at least is better suited to the recipient now.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

free at last!!!

You remember how light headed you feel when you get your long hair cut?? It's sort of airy, and a tiny bit dizzy and the cool air feels so good on your neck? Well, Summer Reading is over, and that's about how I feel right now.
Dont get me wrong, we all had a fun time, but it got a bit crazy at times, and is always a relief when it is over. We did very well, I think, which is gratifying, and we got a lot of kids involved with our Angel ticket drawing. Sort of tricked those little darlings into reading to earn a chance to take their family out to a game. Whatever works!! Worked all weekend, so yard sailing has to wait for next week. Look out ladies, here I come! I have been looking for surfaces to paint lately. A friend of mine got me painting again earlier this summer. Do you know how much canvases cost??? Zounds! But if you gesso wood or some other sort of material, it makes a great surface to decorate. Wish I had learned that years ago! We are having a Day of the Dead celebration at my library soon, and we have been making these for our altars. the skulls with the hats are my parents (it really sort of looks like them), and an Aztec princess for our librarian's aid who is heading up the event. Fun!!

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