Penelope Basset

Friday, September 10, 2010

Only eight weeks to go....

My son,his wife, mother in law, and toddler(!!) are coming out to visit Oct 29th,and staying for a week. We are going nuts out here trying to get the place cleaned up, repainted, and spiffed up in general for the visitors. Unfortunately, our house is a bachelor pad for three guys (hubby and two sons), and am the part time housekeeper it seems. I am rearranging my expectations for how I wanted the house to look, but hopefully it still will be comfortable, welcoming and non-toxic (oh those dirty sox!)
We finally got the 20 year old couch out to be recovered, husband finishing up patching and sanding and painting the living room, and I am getting to put up art work I have collected over the years. The couch and walls are neutral,and the art is basically folk art style in bright fun colors. I have been afraid to hang stuff on the walls for years, and now I am just going for it!
I did get a chance to decorate the top of a wooden box with collage last night. Couldn't find the new batteries for the camera, so tried to scan it. It is a bit out of focus in one corner, but when I put it up for sale, I will take a decent photo! I usually prefer bright, jeweltone colors, but was in a pink mood for this one.

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