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Monday, May 31, 2010

Here he comes!!

This was John Curtis' last escape from his crib. His parents were sneaking up to get a video of him climbing over and out, but he had beat them to it,and was already out. He sounds so indignant because they picked him up and tossed him back in so he could escape on film. Note how quickly he stops fussing when he gets his body over the side and realizes that his parents aren't going to grab him. He escapes, gives his doggie-nana, Precious, a lovie,and makes a break for it. BTW, his mom and dad say that he runs like this all day long....So much fun to watch him go, at least for the Baba!

The video was made this morning, by afternoon his crib was converted to a youth bed with a side bar to prevent face planting. Best wishes to the parents now that JC is free!

All in a weekends work.....

I have been working on these collages and things for several months now, but finally had the time to finish them off. Just a bit more varnish to finish out the inside of a couple of boxes and they are all done and ready for me to try and put on Etsy.
Used felt for the bottom of one box, but hand quilted little reversible pads for the others. I think that they are a little nicer looking and nicer to put your treasures down on.
The cat isn't collage, she just barged her way in. She was made for Day of the Dead last year, but is ready to roam and find another home.

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wouldnt my doggie look cute in this???

I would love to win this cute little collar for Sasha, our baby basset! Wouldn't it look adorable on her??
check these out!! and

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Sunday, May 23, 2010


If you looked at our garden as a whole, you would think that it was some abandoned property with all sorts of junk stacked up or dumped in the yard. Work in progress, take a deep breath, it is sorting out! But if you take a close look at the flowers, it is really pretty. Hollyhocks will be out in a week or so; lots of buds on the plants!

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Patio Roof up and standing!

We are in the long, agonizing process of fixing up our home. It has been neglected for about fifteen years while I started and graduated from Library School, and started working. We had less labor, and less funds to make repairs, so things have gotten run down.
The house is half painted in the front, and is starting to look nice. Our roof needed to be repaired, and we wanted to put shingles up.We got a good bid from a contractor we felt good about, but first things first, the rotten wood and aluminum roofed patio had to be replaced.

Four weeks later, and at last the patio roof has had the rotten wooden supports replaced and new corrugated vinyl panels attached. it feels taller than the old one, and is longer out over the patio. A lot of male cooperation was involved, and without the usual loud fussing and grousing. Very we can get the new shingle roof up if the contractor says the bid is still valid.
the garden is thriving. My hollyhocks will be blooming very soon, I have sweet-peas and roses blooming, dusty miller filled with yellow flowers. Very nice. I was out cutting back an old diseased rose yesterday, and I heard this horrible loud buzzing near my head. I froze for a moment then turned slowly. It was a very happy hummingbird checking out what we had for him to eat. Back to work, but will post some pictures of the flowers tonight.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ink Spillers Attic: My Blogoversary Giveaway!

Ink Spillers Attic: My Blogoversary Giveaway!

Exciting contest at Ink Spillers Attic

this is a really fun blog, and I am glad to share with my friends the info that she is having a contest for some delectable prizes!

you must enter by May 5th!

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