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Monday, May 26, 2008

Wall Hanging

I made a wall hanging to raise money for our youth group at church. Using one of a series of clipart that our Rector puts in the weekly bulletin, I enlarged the image and used a light box to trace on muslin.
At first I outline chain stitched around the figures, but thought it looked a bit empty. So I started filling in with chain stiches in the spaces. It works very well as a filler, but you have to remember not to pull the stitches too tight, and to use about 3 strands to be sure it fills.
Colors chosen just out of the floss box, no particular reason except that they looked good together. A lot of people think that the colors used in the middle ages were sort of muddy and dark. I dont think so. They would have used bright colors, and they only look muddied now because of soil and fading.
Anyhow, then I needed to put a border around to frame the embroidery. I wanted to do a stained glass look, and I was amazed that I actually had fabric in my stash that worked well. It was hand embroidered, washed, and a fabric tube sewn on the back for hanging.
sorry you have to turn your head, but after all the work i did to get this posted, I don't even want to think about why they are sideways or how to fix it. the original files were just fine!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Quilts and Vintage Houses!! Heaven!!

Hubby was very indulgent last week and, decided that it would be fun to go with me to the Citrus Belt Quilters' Vintage Home and Quilt Show.
Hotter than Hades out there, but the wonderful dry heat that I appreciate more after experiencing a more humid heat while visiting in South Carolina. Redlands felt like a warm hairdryer blowing across my skin....
There was a Craftsman bungalow that had been newly restored inside. It was the first time in many years I had had the chance to go inside one, while loving their style details for years in photos. It was a bit smaller than I expected, but still charming. I wasn't quite expecting quilts displayed draped across the exercise equipment, but you take the locations as you find them, I guess.
Second place we saw was a four story redwood Victorian mansion that is now serving as a retirement home. But I forgot to take a picture of that one.....sorry....
Last two were on the same street, both built between 1900 and 1910. They were more typical middle class family homes that were influenced by Craftsman design, but blended with other styles.
The best suprise was the great yard sales in two older houses between the two show houses. One was getting ready to close out, and it was 10 cents for everything. Got some vintage printed samplers, hand painted, that I need to reseal and restore, but were charming, and some fun junk jewelry. Second sale had wonderful quilts from the 1920's and such for sale. Loved one that was in lavender, white and yellow, but could not justify $75, even though it was a great deal.
I saw one quilt draped on the porch that would make a great baby quilt someday.....I have lots of curious and fun fabric prints to use already, so it's a natural!

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