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Monday, May 31, 2010

Here he comes!!

This was John Curtis' last escape from his crib. His parents were sneaking up to get a video of him climbing over and out, but he had beat them to it,and was already out. He sounds so indignant because they picked him up and tossed him back in so he could escape on film. Note how quickly he stops fussing when he gets his body over the side and realizes that his parents aren't going to grab him. He escapes, gives his doggie-nana, Precious, a lovie,and makes a break for it. BTW, his mom and dad say that he runs like this all day long....So much fun to watch him go, at least for the Baba!

The video was made this morning, by afternoon his crib was converted to a youth bed with a side bar to prevent face planting. Best wishes to the parents now that JC is free!


At June 7, 2010 at 8:48 PM , Blogger Kelee said...

Hi Cathy!

That is absolutely hysterical!

Ok ,so John Curtis is going to:

a) work for Cirque de Soleil
b) work for the electrical company on the light poles
c) be a child star with a shrewd stage father that keeps all the money...


Really cute Cathy! You are blessed!

Thanks for popping by!

love, kelee


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