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Monday, May 26, 2008

Wall Hanging

I made a wall hanging to raise money for our youth group at church. Using one of a series of clipart that our Rector puts in the weekly bulletin, I enlarged the image and used a light box to trace on muslin.
At first I outline chain stitched around the figures, but thought it looked a bit empty. So I started filling in with chain stiches in the spaces. It works very well as a filler, but you have to remember not to pull the stitches too tight, and to use about 3 strands to be sure it fills.
Colors chosen just out of the floss box, no particular reason except that they looked good together. A lot of people think that the colors used in the middle ages were sort of muddy and dark. I dont think so. They would have used bright colors, and they only look muddied now because of soil and fading.
Anyhow, then I needed to put a border around to frame the embroidery. I wanted to do a stained glass look, and I was amazed that I actually had fabric in my stash that worked well. It was hand embroidered, washed, and a fabric tube sewn on the back for hanging.
sorry you have to turn your head, but after all the work i did to get this posted, I don't even want to think about why they are sideways or how to fix it. the original files were just fine!


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