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Monday, August 9, 2010

finally a chance to paint!!

Quiet enough in the house today that even though I spent two long weekend days at work, I managed to do some painting. We had the local Corn Festival surrounding us for three days, and you could hear the screams of the folks on the rides from my desk inside. Our bathrooms were not trashed as usual, but were closed as casualties Sunday morning because the custodians could not get parking places and clean on Sat night!
the Little Old Lady is a bit out of sync...she either should have two cheekbone lines or none at all, but I didn't catch that till afterward and I was too tired to change her. the cool background was a collage of those cute printed hand-towels that ladies used to put out all the time for company. Don't think many people will be using them in the future, ecologically unsound I bet, but they go on to the canvas very nicely. Grey hair is hard to paint.She isn't in focus because she is too big for the scanner, really, and I was too lazy to take a photo, download, edit, save, retrieve, etc.
Second is baby face painted with Golden liquid colors. they blend very nicely, and are almost like using watercolors, but liquid. I have a friend on Facebook who has told me about a softer, creamy Golden paint that she uses to great effect. I think it would be fun to try it, someday when I can afford some new paints. better use these up first. not sure what to do with the rest of the background. I have seen some folks do some nice collage around the edge of pictures like this, but I honestly haven't been inspired enough to diddle with it yet. I dont want to just stick on anything, it has to have some sort of context. and yes, I know his eyes are out of kilter, giving him a sort of squished head look. will be more careful next time.
last picture is a sunflower painted on a tissue-paper covered sign that i got for 99 cents at the store of the same name. It is just pressed wood fiber, but already has either a hanger or a hole in the back, is a nice size, and needs very little prep. A really cool quick "canvas."

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