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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

walking the dogs!!

John kidnapped me after work and took me to the dog beach at Huntington Beach last Sat night. It was light late, so we could see where we were going...a good thing at a dog beach.
Buddy has been before, but it was the first time for Sasha, our Basset. Her little legs were going like crazy in the sand. She liked walking in the wet sand where it was firm, until the waves caught her. Not only did her feet get wet, but her stomach was soaked too. Sasha likes seeing all the other dogs, but Buddy is very shy. If he saw his little sister talk to a stranger, he usually would walk over. One lady we were talking to was sitting on the grass with her dalmatians; Sasha wandered over and crawled into the lady's lap, wet sandy feet and all.
Very neat water fountain for dogs and for people...but couldn't get dogs to drink. I think they were too excited.javascript:void(0)
Hard to walk two dogs at the same time....but a lot of fun! My arms were sore from the dogs, and my legs sore from walking in the sand.
Be sure to note John's tan line at his ankles (he works in Parking at Disneyland and gets outside a lot!)


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