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Monday, February 15, 2010

Ravens teasing the Moon

Somehow I got very very lucky and had a four day weekend over the Presidents' Day Holiday. I did a lot of house cleaning, looking for a new basset to fill the hole in our hearts left when Lilly died, and finally some painting and stuff.
I am making this painting for a friend who wanted something with ravens, the moon, and lots of texture from modeling paste. OK, well it took a while and some contemplating to come up with a design, complicated by my not being able to draw birds too well, and trying to get the iridescence, or at least a reminder of it.
I was trying to get the ravens and the moon to interact somehow. My original idea was to have the bird sitting on the moon like an egg to hatch, or to have it in between its beak, but too silly and too hard. The sky was sort of swirled like a Van Gaugh, but hard to paint because the paste seemed to absorb the paint like a sponge!

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